Vessel detail id: B026

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Id: B026
Type: Engine
Manufacturer: Feniks
Model: Fuel flowmeter, fuel transfer pumps
Year: 2011
Condition: New


Location country: Russian Federation
Price: 595 EUR

We produce and sell from stock and under for order Fuel Flowmeters with mechanical account device or electric account device. Flowmeter offer the measurement for custody transfer of petroleum, desiel products, aviation fuels, Shipping fuels MDO, MGO, IFO and a broad of industrial liquids.

Self-priming helical gear pumps ADPI. Used for pumping light (gasoline, diesel) and dark (oil, fuel oil), mineral oil, viscosity of 500 cSt, contaminated oil residues from tanks, storage tanks, tankers, storage tanks, including waste water with high content of quartz sand and fibrous inclusions containing large solids up to 10mm.

Fuel Flowmeters screw nominal DN25, DN40, DN100, DN150mm with mechanical account device.
The consumption:
DN25 to 7,2m3/h, Working pressure, MPa:1,6 (16Bar)
DN40 to 25m3/h, Working pressure, MPa:0,6 (6Bar)
DN100 to 180 m3/h, working pressure, MPa:1,6 (16Bar)
DN100 to 180 m3/h, working pressure, MPa:6,4 (64Bar)
DN150 to 420 m3/h, working pressure, MPA:1,6 (16Bar)
DN150 to 420 m3/h, working pressure, MPa:6,4 (64Bar)
Class of accuracy: 0,25 or 0,5%
Reset to "0"
The flow meter considers single, moment and total account.

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ADDED: March 11, 2011 MODIFIED: March 11, 2011